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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Psycho-a-trist

Date: April 2003
How we met: I was invited by a socialite friend of mine to attend a dinner in nearby Boston. It was for the Pschiatry Society and this somewhat older man approached me and told me how "tasty" I looked in my red dress. He then asked me out for some dinner right then and there stating he was "famished"
Previous flirtations: none
What we did: We ended up going to this little "Italian" resturant nearby. He complained that they didn't have his favorite dish on the menu which I learnt was liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti. He ordered sweetbreads instead.

He was quite intelligent and I could tell by the kinds of questions he asked that he was interested in picking at my brain besides getting into my pants.

He kept asking me about my childhood, but I have repressed parts of it, so I try to not talk about these matters. He was eventually able to get out of me that I grew up in a rural town nearby Boston. We had a dog (he was suprised that we didnt have a lamb, go figure) who was taken to the puppy farm at age 10 to help take care of the smaller puppies.

After dinner, he asked me if i want to come over to his house so he wont feel bad about eating a late snack in his lonesome.

I agreed and we drove back to his house for a nightcap. Whenw e entered his house, he went to get the drinks and I started looking around his office.

I was completely startled to find a floating head in a jar. The head was of a male, but he had makeup on. I screamed and quickly left his place, never to return again.

Nickname: The Pschyo-a-trist
FDS:1 out of 10, very creeppy and scared the crap outta me by the fake head (or was it???)
How long it lasted: that one date. He was a freak, albeit a well dressed, well groomed, intellegent freak. A freaks a freak tho.


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