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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Natural

Date: July 1934
How we met: He's a coach in my softball league
Previous flirtations: We have flirted for the last few summers, but nothing ever came of it.
What we did: He asked me out for dinner. his schedule was full due to his travels, but we found the perfect evening right after a home game. He even giving me two tickets to see the game from behind the home dugout.

I brought my friend Iris along with me and she also thought he was very cute. The Knights actually won this game after The Natural hit one out of the park smashing one of the flood lights in the stadium. As he ran around the bases with sparks flying all around him, I knew that he could be the one.

After the game, and the champagne spilled by his compatriots, we went to a small Italian Resturant that I know on the south side. The conversation was good and I still couldn't believe that he had been shot by a deranged woman. He discussed his career in the big leagues and told me that he will be retiring after the season.

This made him very sad. So I thought of a way to cheer him up.

We went back to my place and I put on some soothing music. We lied down on the couch (which is practically my only piece of furniture) and made out for two hours. I must say that Roy Hobbs is a great kisser (Ladies, he's worth it. and by the way, I saw my own set of sparks that night too).

Nickname: The natural, (he just Naturally knew what to do ;)
FDS: 9 of 10
How long it lasted: We dated on and off for 10 years, until he got shot again (3 times a charm)


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