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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Archaeology Professor

Date: January 1939
How we met: While in my first semester at an Ivy League college, I took his class on archaeology and knew that he had potential
Previous flirtations: I would write the words "I Love You" on my eyelids and make sure he would see them while he was teaching us. I also left an apple or two on his desk after class.
What we did: After he was no longer my Professor, I saw him at the local pub and asked him if he would like to have a beer together.

Conversation was very nice, he discussed all the exotic places he had been to; South America, Nepal, Egypt, a little Meditterranean Island, China, India, Venice, Berlin, North Africa.

He told me about his strict upbringing by his father who was very religious, but he himself was less so. He wasn't Jewish, but that's not a deal breaker unless he wants a strictly non-Jewish atmosphere in the house.

He told me that he has trouble keeping relationships due to his need to travel for his work and due to the fact that a over or two have turned out to be Nazis and have made it more difficult for him to get sleep at night since he needs to stay awake to make sure she wont try and kill him during the night.

Nickname: His name is Henry, but prefers to be called Indiana (sounds like a pet's name). So I'll just call him The Archaeology Professor
FDS: 7 out of 10
How long it lasted: Went out two more times, but after a few attacks on his life, I got the impression that it was too dangerous to be seen with him.


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